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Ardenia asked:
<<< A friend once mentioned to me that in modern-day Lebanon they use  
a "fresh cheese" as a condiment served with garlic grilled meats, as  
the cheese cuts the "heat" of the garlic. She says this tastes very  
similar to a Roman melca (vinegar-curdled cheese {similar to a Queso  
blanco with vinegar in place of the lemon}). Does anyone have a  
source to suggest where I could find period ME cheese instructions? >>>

Apparently there are a few recipes in some of Master Cariadoc's  
works. If there is ac comprehensive collection of period Middle  
Eastern cheese recipes hopefully someone will give it.

There is a redaction for a Middle Eastern cheese given in this  
Florilegium file:
cheesemaking-msg (160K)  2/ 9/08    Comments and info. on  
cheesemaking. Recipes.

which I have given below. There is also some commentary on Middle  
Eastern cheeses in this file:
fd-Mid-East-msg   (76K)  1/13/09    Period food of the Middle East.  
   (As you can see I just recently updated this, so you might give me  
a few days to get it uploaded to the site)

You might find some other info and redactions by using the search  
engine on the Florilegium, but I was having rouble pin it down since  
there could be so many variations of "Middle East", "Mid-East",  
"Middle Eastern" etc. (although, I'm not sure how often "Middle  
Easter Cheese" shows up. :-) for Middle Earth at Easter time?


Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 19:12:24 -0400
From: "micaylah" <dy018 at freenet.carleton.ca>
Subject: Re: SC - yogurt Cheese 101?

Ras said...
 > I have made this for period middle eastern feasts. Mixing mashed  
garlic into
 > it after it has drained. I'm sure Stefan or someone on the list  
has the
 > recipe I posted on this list. The longer you leave the yogurt  
drain, the
 > firmer the finished product. I believe the source of the recipe is  
 > al-Baghdadi or the Book of the Beloved.

Ask and you shall receive. I make this all the time.


An Islamic Feast in a Barbarian Court
by al-Sayyid A'aql ibn Rashid al-Zib
copyright c 1999

'Yoghurt Cheese with Garlic'

First. Yoghurt is filtered and garlic is put in it.
(from 'The Link to the Beloved'; Translated by Charles Perry. A  
of Medieval and Renaissance Cookbooks, Vol. II. Duke Sir Cariadoc of the

Redaction by al-Sayyid A'aql ibn Rashid al-Zib, AoA, OSyc. Copyright  
c 1999
L. J. Spencer, Jr. Williamsport, PA.

1 pint Plain wholemilk yogurt
3 lg cloves Garlic, mashed to a paste
Nigella seed, ground for garnish (optional)*

Line a strainer with 2 layers of cheesecloth. Suspend strainer over a
deep bowl or pot. Dump yogurt into cheesecloth lined strainer. Cover
with a cloth or plastic wrap. Put in a cool place for 12 to 24 hrs. to

Discard liquid or use in breadmaking. Put drained yogurt in a bowl Blend
in garlic paste, mixing thoroughly. Leave a few hrs. to absorb and
develop flavor. Serve with flat bread. Serves 8.

(NOTE: Serving idea- Mould Sals in a mound in the center of an
earthenware plate covered with a large flatbread. Surround with an
overlapping layer of marinated or plain sliced cucumbers. Sprinkle top
with nigella and mount with a twisted cucumber slice.)

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