[Sca-cooks] anyone have this cheese reference?

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 13 19:06:01 PST 2009

Post it to the list please? 

Cheesy Selene

charding at nwlink.com wrote:
> Mozzarella is definitely not a good substitute.
> Want a recipe to make haloumi?  when I get home I can send you one.  I
> have made it with goat and/or cows milk.  Sheep milk is a little hard to
> come by.  It is definitly a cheese that you can grill.
> Maeva
>> Haloumi cheese- a Cyprus cheese- a sheeps/goats milk cheese- actually
>> grillable.  Working on andalusian recipies and found one that calls for
>> the cheese to be coated with spices and fried. The person who redacted
>> this recipe used mozzarella and didn't cook it- I thought of this one to
>> be able to cook the cheese- it goes in what I consider almost a casserole
>> type dish. Think it's a good substitution? Flavor is like a cross between
>> mozzarella and feta. Supposedly hundreds of years old(we all know what
>> that means-yah know because my grandma made it it must be ancient! But not
>> period!!!)
>> Tia

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