[Sca-cooks] DaVinci and Martino was Happy about Scappi

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Jan 16 07:04:40 PST 2009

I might agree with this /Except/ for the fact that in the preceding 
Gillian Riley is described as "Renaissance food expert Gillian Riley..."
Clearly he recognized that she is alive and well and writing in the 
present age.
I don't think he knew that anything about Benporat  or even knew the name.
The author wrote me that he picked up most of his information from 
secondary sources.
He did not apparently use or read any of Benporat's books, so the 
information about
this feast came from another source.
I suspect in his notes that he recorded that Claudio lived in 1500 and 
that note made its way into
the book.
I also asked about one of the other menus that he cites and he had no 
idea in 2007 where he found
the mention of it nor could he say where to look.
Some of us discussed the book back in 2007
and decided that the book was a rush job that was supposed to cash in on 
the interest created
by a certain Ron Howard/Tom Hanks film. The book was originally set to 
be published the month the
film was released. In the end I decided not to review the book. The 
author seemed like a very nice guy
but seemed to be in way over his head.


otsisto wrote:
> The statement can be taken that Claudio Benporat wrote about banquets in the
> 1500s for the pope and not that he was from the 1500s. Though I do see the
> title of "chronicler" does seem to lean the statement toward Mr. Benporat
> being of the time period.
> De
> -----Original Message-----
> "The chronicler Claudio Benporat, writing about 1500, describes one
> of the more elaborate banquets for the pope:  " on page 103.

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