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Fri Jan 16 14:03:42 PST 2009

Randell Raye wrote:
> I thought I saved the address of the online Spice merchant people
> like, but I can't find it.

Well, there's World Spice in Seattle WA

Lhasa Karnak in Berkeley CA (that's California :-)
Their site isn't terrific, but they have excellent spices. However, two caveats: they do not carry long pepper, and what they have been selling as cubeb for the past few years is not.

I'm not impressed with Penzey's but some folks love 'em

And there's the SCA Pepperers' Guild

I ran into Auntie Arwen as Pennsic, and she sell's on-line

I buy most of my spices at Lhasa Karnak, but, hey, they're local and i've been buying medicinal herbs and spices from them since, hmmm, 1970 or so.

But for cubebs and long pepper, i go to Whole Foods, which now sells them.
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