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Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sat Jan 17 06:24:08 PST 2009

It's certainly a timely topic.
The NYTimes this am has an article titled:   Feasts and Follies Of 
Inauguration Day
It's funny that the lady being interviewed in the article is
Ms. Kuck is the director of the Culinary Archives and Museum at Johnson 
& Wales University here.
Her father is //Louis Szathmary. /////Part of his collection went there 
and the other part went to Iowa.
/Apparently the menu is quite rare. /In that article I linked to 
yesterday, Szathmary/ wrote that his
copy was one of three. My copy of his cookbook is boxed but that book did
have 19th century material. I wonder if it has anything in it.

The question is of course did they take something titled 'fig pudding'
and because it was an inaugural ball rename the dish to make it fancier.
It would be nice to have other contemporary accounts too of the ball and 
the dishes.

I am impressed with the number of full text 19th cookbooks that are 
already online;
one could really do some major projects with those.


Huette von Ahrens wrote:
> Thank you Johnnae for your help.  You have given me things to think about.
> I have seen the Gerkinstomatoes article.  The author of that article only listed one recipe for a beef dish.  I am working on the desserts from the list.  It is interesting from her article that she transcribed the menu and mis-spelled several of the dish names and dropped two of them entirely.
> I already have the Nelson pudding recipe.  There are two dishes on the bill of fare.  One is Tart a la Nelson and the other is Creme a la Nelson.  I think that the pudding fits the Creme but is it related to the tart?  I doubt if the tart and the creme would be the same ingredients.  But stranger things have happened.
> Thank you for the helpful insights into the other dishes.  It will give me something to search for.  Thank you!
> Huette

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