[Sca-cooks] Non Medicinal Cordials

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Aldyth asked:

<<< Can someone point me in the direction of primary source  
documentation?  I
read the Medici descriptions. >>>

What do you mean by "non-medicinal" cordials? I doubt you will find  
that division in any period texts.

There are some original cordial recipes and quotes of other primary  
source documentation given in this file in the BEVERAGES section of  
the Florilegium. Too many for me to requote here.
cordials-msg     (126K)  2/26/06    Period cordials and liqueurs. SCA  

I don't think I have the Medici descriptions in this file, but would  
be happy to add them.

There is a period recipe for a cordial in this file, originally  
written as A&S documentation:
Clarea-d-Agua-art (12K)  1/ 7/01    "Period drinks - Spiced Wines and  
                                        Waters" by Vicente Coenca.

These three were also written as A&S documentation, but concentrate  
on giving proof that the ingredients were period rather than on  
following a specific period recipe:
Apricot-Crdal-art (12K)  6/30/00    "Apricot Cardamom Cordial"
                                        by Constance de LaRose.
Kiwi-cordial-art  (10K)  6/23/00    "Prickly Gooseberry, Mango,  
                                        Cordial" by Constance de LaRose.
Peach-Brandy-art  (12K) 10/25/01    "Peach Coriander Brandy" by Lady  
                                        de LaRose.

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