[Sca-cooks] parties with medieval foods/beverages

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 19 11:23:30 PST 2009

> Actually, Calontir does this a lot. I know when I have helped and in the past
>directed the party we attemped to serve period foods - 
> You might wander over to their encampment and find out when their party is at these events. :-)> > Kateryn
I have been to Calontir parties and did indeed notice that most of the offerings were
period foods and was impressed. Now if we can only get other groups doing the
same. Especially if the only drinks served there would be period as well. Hey,
Pennsic goers drink some pretty scary concoctions so a proper ale and mead 
shouldn't be too outrageous as long as it was alcoholic for these folk.
Yes, my kingdom is one of the worst offenders in this. I've even been the Pennsic Chili
cook. But it is a tradition that is looked forward to by a lot of people every Pennsic
and we do keep it in camp. 
Just as I have a dream of an event where the day is spent in classes on bardcraft,
period tavern cookery and maybe cut-and-thrust combat then the evening is
a revel in as period a tavern as modernly possible, I have a dream of a kingdom or
large group putting on a party that is period and everyone having fun.
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