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The big problem is that they didn't have parties, in the sense of inviting your friends over for a few hours on a Saturday night.  Travel was a pain, so people coming to your house are probably going to be there awhile, and as a good host you'd better give them a good meal.  And the concept of hors d'oeuvres is non-existent.  The only true finger foods are the kinds of things served as a banquetting course, which are all sweets.  

However, that doesn't mean we can't serve period dishes as finger foods.  You can do little pies with different fillings.  Raw cut-up fruit would work.  Vegetables are a challenge, since today we usually serve them raw and in period they were cooked.  The old stand-bys of cheese and sausage chunks would work.  Cubes of cooked meat, with different sauces?  

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> Subject: [Sca-cooks] period finger/party foods
> > Actually, Calontir does this a lot. I know when I have helped and  
> > in the past
> > directed the party we attemped to serve period foods -
> > You might wander over to their encampment and find out when their  
> > party is at these events. :-)> > Kateryn
> To which Gunthar replied:
> <<< I have been to Calontir parties and did indeed notice that most  
> of the offerings were
> period foods and was impressed.>>
> Are these open to whomever shows up or are these just for Peers and  
> Royalty and such? If the former can someone tell me when the Calontir  
> party at this upcoming Gulf Wars is going to be? :-)
> What kinds of foods are served at these?
> <<< Now if we can only get other groups doing the
> same. Especially if the only drinks served there would be period as  
> well. Hey,
> Pennsic goers drink some pretty scary concoctions so a proper ale and  
> mead
> shouldn't be too outrageous as long as it was alcoholic for these  
> folk. >>>
> Okay, I have this file which probably has some recipes which might  
> work for outdoor party foods, but what other suggestions do people  
> have? Maybe I need to create another file specifically on party or  
> revel foods.
> finger-foods-msg  (26K)  4/30/07    Ideas for finger foods at feasts  
> and events.
> <<< Just as I have a dream of an event where the day is spent in  
> classes on bardcraft,
> period tavern cookery and maybe cut-and-thrust combat then the  
> evening is
> a revel in as period a tavern as modernly possible, >>>
> What would you consider "period tavern cookery"? Hmmm. Anyone, Laurel  
> or not, want to write me a paper for the Florilegium on period tavern  
> food or cookery? Unfortunately, we don't seem to have any evidence  
> that "Scotch Eggs" are period. I do have one, rather thick, book on  
> the history of taverns but I haven't read it yet.
> Stefan
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