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I was in Damascus ten days and ate traditional food every day. Many of their
salads were definitely period, no tomatoes or potatoes or sweet corn.
Lettuce or a form of lettuce, cucumber, "nanah" (a kind of mynth), "maramia"
(another kind or related to mynth), and radish. Eaten med fingers, not oil
or vinegar on it. (Rather tasteless for me, used to Italian or Spanish oil,
salt and peppar, but :(

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> On Jan 20, 2009, at 1:00 PM, Robin Carroll-Mann wrote:
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>> wrote:
>>  Vegetables are a challenge, since today we usually serve them raw and in
>>> period they were cooked.
>> They were not always cooked in period.  I've mentioned before that the
>> "Arte de Cortar" (Spanish carving manual, 1432) has instructions for
>> cutting carrots and parsnips to be served raw.  Carrot sticks are
>> period for noble (even royal) feasts.  Small, tender turnips.  Slices
>> of radish sprinked with salt to mitigate their cold, moist humor.
>> I'll leave aside the matter of salads, since we're discussing finger
>> foods.
> There are probably ways to create finger-friendly salads; I believe the
> original concept of Caesar Salad (which, yes, is not period) involved spears
> of Romaine hearts which could be eaten with the fingers; I'll bet some of
> the salad presentations in some of the later period and early-post-period
> sources could be adapted similarly.
> And FWIW, the best modern crudites are often lightly blanched, rather than
> raw, vegetables. They are generally agreed to maintain a better appearance,
> for a longer period of time.
> Adamantius
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