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Tue Jan 20 15:40:39 PST 2009

I asked on the Calontir list and the reply for Gulf Wars was

>1. To whom is the party open to. anybody or only peers and royalty?
>2. When will it be?

Though Jane and Angelo held a party at Gulf Wars last year (at least I
assume it went off - I missed it being at Duncan's Vigil on the other side
of Calontir's camp), Calontir has not generally held a party at Gulf Wars in
many years. That said, I've no clue what TRMs Luther and Mearwynn plan.

As far as who the party is open to... A party open only to peers and royalty
would be so far separated from Calontir culture that I think it is safe to
say its bloody unlikely to happen.


I believe there is plans to have a party at Estrella, and Pennsic.
The Calontir Cooks guild a few years back brainstormed on how to get people
hooked on period food "Taste of Calontir" is what came up. About 4 (maybe
more) events a year they have a table with samples of food and the recipes.
This seems to have put recipes in the hands of people who normally are
interested in things other than cooking but is willing to make an effort to
add to the ambiance of a potluck party. Also we do have a lot of people that
like to cook, especially in Grimfelles. :)


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> To which Gunthar replied:
> <<< I have been to Calontir parties and did indeed notice that most > of
the offerings were period foods and was impressed.>>

> Are these open to whomever shows up or are these just for Peers and
> Royalty and such? If the former can someone tell me when the Calontir
> party at this upcoming Gulf Wars is going to be? :-)

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