[Sca-cooks] Best bulk pie crust recipe?

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How many pie crusts are you expecting to do?

I've used a ratio of 1 cup flour, 1/3 cup butter, 1/2 tsp. salt and 3-4 Tbsp
ice cold water with lots of success for making a single pie crust. For a 1
lb. box of butter, I can get 6 pie crusts. I know that butter is sold in
bulk at some of the big wholesale stores and sometimes I can find it for
$2/pound at the local market.


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I am embarrassed to admit I have never made pie crusts from scratch for a

I am making chard and ricotta pies for a feast coming up, and I'd like to do
covered coffin-style pies but I'm afraid a period hard crust would be seen
as just "bad pie crust" around here. 

I would prefer not to use vegetable shortening (yuck), but butter would be
too expensive and lard means even fewer vegetarian dishes. Oil pastry
doesn't have enough stability for a coffin-style pie.

What is your favorite bulk pastry recipe? Have you made hard pastry cases
for feasts? How were they received?

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