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<<Has anyone here tried ordering produce directly from a small farmer for a 
feast? I need a few items in large amounts for a feast at the end of next month 
that tend to be expensive in grocery stores but relatively cheap at farmer's 
markets (leeks and chard). 

I am worried that if I rely on farmer's markets I won't be able to get all I 
need for the event when I need it.>>
I routinely use Central Market, the main farmer's market in Lancaster, for 
feast provisions and haven't had too much issue.  I've also used some of the 
local farm stands.  I've occasionally needed to buy a smaller amount at grocery 
store prices to make up the amount I need, but overall it is still cheaper.  
Some of it, of course, is going to depend ont he seaonality of the produce you 
need.  Chard, for me, would be much more easily purchased in the spring than 
The biggest problem is getting a receipt; I've gotten them handwritten on 
bits of scrap paper or index cards more than once.
Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA
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