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I add basil,  red onion and peeled/seeded cucumber to mine. All are finely chopped.
Depending on the consistency I am in the mood for, I will also add a little bit of tomato juice .


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Loosing it, lost it. Basically of late I am not allowed in the kitchen. Peter,
my husband, has a chef - Luis. He was the chef in Paris for the Chilean
ambassador and later for Morgan Reynolds, the owner of Pan Am Airlines. The
other night, Luis had a night off and I made gazpacho. Peter said it was
wonderful, of course he is an ambassador at heart. I think it stinks.My
ingredients were:
a slice of stale bread soaked in vinegar
750 gr tomatoes
3 garlic clove
1/4 cup olive oil
What is missing here??? The tomatoes were first class. Something was missing to
give it the flavor we know.
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