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Suey asked:

<<< The other night, Luis had a night off and I made gazpacho.
Peter said it was wonderful, of course he is an ambassador at heart. I
think it stinks.My ingredients were:
a slice of stale bread soaked in vinegar
750 gr tomatoes
3 garlic clove
1/4 cup olive oil
What is missing here??? The tomatoes were first class. Something was
missing to give it the flavor we know. >>>

Well, I was going to point you to this file in the FOOD section of  
the Florilegium. Then in reading it, I saw a message in there from  
you, disputing the period white gazpacho as being a gazpacho. So I  
guess you're already aware of it.

For anyone interested, here is the file and the recipe from it.


gazpacho-msg      (12K)  2/21/08    A soup or sauce of vinegar,  
garlic and bread

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 > Gazpacho would be great, especially with a dollop of sour cream on  
top, but
 > I doubt it's period -- tomatoes and all, you know.  Does anyone  
know if it
 > is?
 > Madelina

The red gazpacho most people know of is not period.  It uses period
techniques and applies them to non-period ingredients.  However,  
there is a
white gazpacho from Malaga that is basically almond milk, white  
grapes, a
little vinegar, bread and garlic.  Refreshing, tart, and unusual.   
Also darn
similar to a recipe in de Nola:

Canonada Pottage

Take almonds that have been toasted, and grind them well in a mortar,  
take a large piece of bread that has been toasted; and soaked in white
vinegar, and squeeze it out well by hand, and grind them with the  
all together, and when they are all ground together thin it with  
sweet white
vinegar, and before you stir it put in the mortar two or three  
bunches of
white grapes and two of black grapes, and then force it all through a
strainer, and put it in the pot, and add sugar and ground cinnamon:  
and this
sauce should taste somewhat of vinegar, and cook it, and when it is  
prepare the bowls and put sugar in each one.

The recipe calls it a sauce and says to cook it, but you could  
probably get
away with not cooking it.

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