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I will be over in late May, and hope very much to make the Hampton Court cookery date then. Further info about happenings around that time would be much appreciated.


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And if anyone is thinking about going over...

there are TWO really great reenactors markets the end of Feb/Mar 1 weekend and
the weekend of the ides of March (before & after the March event)

an event in ID on the same weekend as the early May one,  the late May one is
the memorial day weekend

The one in August is around the Fair Raglan event at RAglan CAstle (lovely
ruins to fight in....)

so if you are thinking about going over to watch, there are loads and loads of
other things to do too (the V&A anyone?)

Arianwen ferch Arthur
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 According to the Hampton Court Palace website,
 these are the dates for cookery in the kitchens at
 7, 8 February 2009
 7, 8 March 2009
 10-14 April 2009
 18, 19 April 2009
 2-4 May 2009
 23-25 May 2009
 20, 21 June 2009
 25, 26 July 2009
 29-31 August 2009
 26, 27 September 2009
 24, 25 October 2009
 28, 29 November 2009
 27 December 2009 - 3 January 2010
 There ought to be discussions and pictures posted
 after these sessions on the http://tudorcook.blogspot.com/

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