[Sca-cooks] duck sauce?

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Ok but since I missed the outcome... Was the soy sauce, duck sauce, and mustard a "new " tradition should we stock up for next New Year?


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>> Duck sauce seems to be American too, and is the orange colored  
>> sweet and sour sauce which Chinese restaurants serve.  No duck  
>> parts involved.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duck_sauce

The Wiki article is correct, except [arguably] in its assertion that  
duck sauce is sometimes known as plum sauce, depending on its fruit  
content. While this may be true, as well as the claim that duck sauce  
is rarely, if ever, used as an ingredient in Chinese cooking, they  
fail to mention that there is a plum sauce, a thick chutney-like sauce  
made from actual plums, that is often used in cooking, and rarely, if  
ever, as a condiment. Plum sauce can be used to make duck sauce,  
though -- this is probably the original.

Also, occasionally hoisin sauce is occasionally referred to as plum  
sauce, which, considering that it's made from black beans, is erroneous.

Most of the duck sauce I've encountered is rather thin, and made  
primarily from apricots, vinegar, and sugar.


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