[Sca-cooks] Arabic dish with a name similar to Brustinga?

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On Jan 31, 2009, at 1:22 PM, David Walddon wrote:

> Forwarded with permission from the Madrone Culinary Guild List to  
> see if anyone out there has so information on the below.
> Please reply here and I will forward or to erain at liripipe dot com
> Thanks
> Eduardo
>> I’m trying to find further information on an early Italian dish  
>> called in the latin ‘Brustinga’.  One offhanded reference implies  
>> that the name may be of Arabic origin as in the dishes Limonia/ 
>> Limuniyya and Romania/Rummaniyya (yumm pomegranate chicken!!!).
>> Have any of you come across any dishes of similar name?  the  
>> Italian dish is a kind of pie filled with a mix of cheese, flour &  
>> eggs w/saffron, but that may not have much to do with the original  
>> Arabic dish, as some of these dishes mutated beyond recognition,  
>> keeping only an echo of the original name….

FWIW, a Google search for references to "brustinga" produces a first  
or very early hit on an article in pdf format by a Marianne Bouchon,  
from 1952, entitled "Latin de Cuisine". It's in French, and as far as  
I can figure (my French isn't good), it's saying the dish is covered  
in Zambrini's Libro della cucina under "de la pastringa".

Which in itself is interesting, in that it uses a similar consonant  
transposition found in the shift from Turkish to whatever in bastourma/ 
pastrami... except pastrami is alleged to be a synthetic word, and not  
Italian, so I'm not sure if that's relevant.



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