[Sca-cooks] anyone going to Estrella War?

Pat Griffin mordonna at elmore.rr.com
Tue Jan 27 20:45:31 PST 2009

I'll be there all eight days.  Actually, I will arrive the day before 
opening day, because I have volunteered to help setup The Watch.  I'll be 
working Troll on the 6-midnight shift, so maybe I'll see some of you there. 
Otherwise, I'll be working as dispatch on The Watch nearly every night, so I 
won't be getting out during the socializing times much, but if you want to 
find me, come to The Watch tent.  It's the big one on top of the only hill. 
Gives us a bird's eye view of the fighting fields.

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>i know the group tends more toward pennsic or gulf wars, but i was 
>wondering if anyone would be there?
> siege cooking... woo hoo!!!!!!

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