[Sca-cooks] Known World Handbook - Articles Needed

HE Kainin Tepesa kainintepesa at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 1 13:13:56 PDT 2009

unto the Known World,

revision of the Known World Handbook continues, and while we have already
received some really excellent articles there are still plenty of topics that
we need covered (see needed topics list below). Please remember that we are not
looking for historical research articles but general how-to articles so that a
new player can gain the knowledge that they need to get started in the SCA.

deadline for this second call for articles is September 1, 2009. Please try to
keep the articles between 800 and 3000 words (one to four 8.5x11 pages). Please
submit them via Microsoft Word files, or in the body of an email to: kwh at sca.org .


of existing articles in the KWH are invited to refresh, renew, and update their
prior KWH articles. If you send in any articles, artwork, or photographs,
please fill out the KWH release form available here:  sca.org/docs/pdf/kwhrelease.pdf
 and email it back to us at kwh at sca.org. 


Hanna (Baron Kainin),

Deputy to the President, SCA, Inc.

kwh at sca.org


Needed Topics


We are still
looking for articles on topics including but not limited to:


SCA basicsbrief history of the SCAcustoms of the SCAestablishing a personabasic starter garb (patterns and how-to articles)preparing for attending events (what to bring and
     what to know)preparing for camping at events (what to pack and what
     to know)attending court (what to do if called, what is
     happening)kids and their activities in the SCArank and awards in the SCA (what they mean, how to
     spot royalty, etc.)detailed and specific articles covering the myriad
     of arts & sciencesarts martial including rattan, rapier, archerypreparing to fight in the SCA; basic combat rulescreating a starter fighting/amour kit (patterns and
     how-to articles)basic armoringyour first tournament (what to bring, what to watch)fighting etiquettechivalry and the concepts of honorbasic fighting stylesbasic drillswhat service means in the SCA and ways to give backbrief kingdom historiesspecific kingdom customs


Mission Statement


KWH is targeted to new comers to the SCA with
less than 2 years experience. The KWH will be universal with concepts that span
all Kingdoms. The KWH will contain topics and
information that will last at least 10 years. The KWH needs to support existing
SCA documents and handbooks, not try to replace them.



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