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Most wonderful Shoshona,

I have taught exactly what you are asking for several times and would be HAPPY to do it again.  Let me know when would work for you and perhaps we can do this at a local (Outlands, Caerthe or Caer Galen or thereabouts-ish) cooks guild meeting.  (Im voting for October at the earliest)  Or the next collegium, IF it has a functional kitchen, I will teach hands on 'Playing with Rumpolt' again.

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> I would like to see a class on reading and understanding
> period recipes.
> I can hold my own with cooking (usually) and my food turns
> out pretty tasty
> (usually) but I know that when I start to read period
> recipes - either in
> English, old English, or any other language my eyes begin
> to glaze over and
> I loose my concentration because it is not familiar to me.
> For all you wonderful people out there who can read other
> languages -
> especially the old laguages I applaud your skills and wish
> to gleen as much
> as I can from you.  Are there some tricks (like some
> words that we could
> easily recognize) are there good translation sources? 
> What do you find
> interesting about deciphering a recipe (that might make my
> eyes less
> glazed).  What do you do when you find conflicting
> translations?
> I'd like to be able to do more of the work myself instead
> of always having
> to try to find a translation that someone has already done
> (although there
> is an appeal to that as well).
> I'd like to see the class as hands on rather than
> lecture.  Maybe take a
> recipe or two in the native language and work through the
> translation and
> then appropriate modern modifications.
> Shoshanna


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