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Before I give my opinion, I should state that I am absolutely not a fan of 
any sort of formal A&S competition or demonstration, as I think they are 
extremely artifical constructs and probably the least period thing you can do 
at an event.  They send me right into 20th century country fair rather than 
medieval times.  The concept of using a Power Point presentation of a cooking 
technique as an A&S entry is completely horrific to me for those reasons.  
It's so anti-medieval that it hurts to think about it.

<<What I would want to show is the progression of taking a Period Recipe 
and translating it into a viable recipe for today's kitchens. I realize?to do 
it right,?it would require a Power Point presentation, as well as a formal 
demo table, complete with cooktop and the mirror to show your hands 
performing the technique. (This way, I would not disturb the folks cooking in the 
Have you considered a way to actually demonstrate the recipe during the 
competition?  Using a small charcoal grill would be an excellent replica of 
cooking over a brazier and would allow you to do the elements necessary to cook 
the item without bothering the kitchen staff and without needing to have a 
computer screen running.  You could have the steps you took to do the 
redaction and such on paper for people to look through while things cooked.

<<I would choose a recipe that shows at least two methods of cooking, such 
as parboiling and then frying, and then finishing off the product, for 
general serving. 
It should, if properly planned out, and pre-prepared, take no more then 15 
You could always have it in various stages of partially prepped, as they do 
on the half hour cooking shows; so you get the "OK, this is what it looks 
like when you put it in the pan; here's how you saute it" then take the pan 
away and get out your next pan ready for the next step and start with that 
one.  It would certainly be more expensive and wasteful to do that way, 

<<Am I about to send shockwaves through the Lords and Ladies of the Laurel 
and assorted Purists? >>
Yes, I am both a Laurel and a Purist.  I might even consider going to an 
A&S comp if I knew someone was going to be doing a live cooking demo, but 
absolutely not if I knew I was going to watch a PowerPoint demo or video tape.  
I just can't wrap my head around doing that at an event.

<<Should I plan this out further or just do the recipe at home and dish it 
out, with documentation,?at the Faire?>>
I think you should consider if there is a way that you can do it using more 
appropriate techniques rather than modern high-tech to show what you are 
doing.  Doing the actual cooking would be a great competiton or demo item, in 
my opinion, but only if you are actually doing it there using period 
techniques and utensils.
Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA
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