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The main concern with what you propose is that the site might not permit the
use of an open fire, even in a brazier, indoors.  Plus the fact that it's
really dangerous (both from fire hazard and the fumes) to do a charcoal fire

What she might be able to do is to find out if she could do it outdoors.  At
the last few of our A&S events, there were several demos that couldn't be
done indoors...blacksmithing, etc.   One lady had a bread oven that she had
constructed on a cart, and she demo'd making cakes and pretzels in it.


On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 12:10 PM, <Bronwynmgn at aol.com> wrote:

> In a message dated 7/1/2009 4:57:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> chawkswrth at aol.com writes:
> Before I give my opinion, I should state that I am absolutely not a fan of
> any sort of formal A&S competition or demonstration, as I think they are
> extremely artifical constructs and probably the least period thing you can
> do
> at an event.  They send me right into 20th century country fair rather than
> medieval times.  The concept of using a Power Point presentation of a
> cooking
> technique as an A&S entry is completely horrific to me for those reasons.
> It's so anti-medieval that it hurts to think about it.
> <<What I would want to show is the progression of taking a Period Recipe
> and translating it into a viable recipe for today's kitchens. I realize?to
> do
> it right,?it would require a Power Point presentation, as well as a formal
> demo table, complete with cooktop and the mirror to show your hands
> performing the technique. (This way, I would not disturb the folks cooking
> in the
> kitchen)>>
> Have you considered a way to actually demonstrate the recipe during the
> competition?  Using a small charcoal grill would be an excellent replica of
> cooking over a brazier and would allow you to do the elements necessary to
> cook
> the item without bothering the kitchen staff and without needing to have a
> computer screen running.  You could have the steps you took to do the
> redaction and such on paper for people to look through while things cooked.
> <<I would choose a recipe that shows at least two methods of cooking, such
> as parboiling and then frying, and then finishing off the product, for
> general serving.
> It should, if properly planned out, and pre-prepared, take no more then 15
> minutes....>>
> You could always have it in various stages of partially prepped, as they do
> on the half hour cooking shows; so you get the "OK, this is what it looks
> like when you put it in the pan; here's how you saute it" then take the pan
> away and get out your next pan ready for the next step and start with that
> one.  It would certainly be more expensive and wasteful to do that way,
> however.
> <<Am I about to send shockwaves through the Lords and Ladies of the Laurel
> and assorted Purists? >>
> Yes, I am both a Laurel and a Purist.  I might even consider going to an
> A&S comp if I knew someone was going to be doing a live cooking demo, but
> absolutely not if I knew I was going to watch a PowerPoint demo or video
> tape.
> I just can't wrap my head around doing that at an event.
> <<Should I plan this out further or just do the recipe at home and dish it
> out, with documentation,?at the Faire?>>
> I think you should consider if there is a way that you can do it using more
> appropriate techniques rather than modern high-tech to show what you are
> doing.  Doing the actual cooking would be a great competiton or demo item,
> in
> my opinion, but only if you are actually doing it there using period
> techniques and utensils.
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