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<<The main concern with what you propose is that the site might not permit 
use of an open fire, even in a brazier, indoors.  Plus the fact that it's
really dangerous (both from fire hazard and the fumes) to do a charcoal fire
I didn't spell that out, because I felt it was pretty obvious.  Of course 
such a presentation is only going to be possible on certain sites at certain 
events, and would have to be cleared with the autocrats and possibly also 
with the site owners.

<<What she might be able to do is to find out if she could do it outdoors.  
the last few of our A&S events, there were several demos that couldn't be
done indoors...blacksmithing, etc.   One lady had a bread oven that she had
constructed on a cart, and she demo'd making cakes and pretzels in it.>>
Of course.  If a blacksmith can demo there, there should be a way to demo 
food preparation there.
This is the kind of thing I like to see, more artisan's row kind of 
demonstrations, rather than indoor displays of finished projects or works in 
progress.  It's closer to how you would have seen these things done in period.  
You'd walk through town and see the craftsmen working in their shops, the 
itinerant food sellers cooking from their little booths, etc.  You'd also see 
how the tools that are only sitting on a table in a formal display are 
actually used.   I also, at least, find it much easier to learn about something by 
watching someone do it, and possibly being permitted to try it myself, than 
from looking at the finished project or the stages of the project.
My husband and I have set up our pavilion as a tailor's shop at several 
demos.  We have a trestle table and period shears for cutting, rods to hang 
fabric and finished garments on, and we sit and hand-sew items that we are 
going to use at later events, or that have been commissioned from my husband.  
It's gotten quite a lot of interest and has led to some extensive discussions 
about how people got their clothes in period.
We're doing a demo on Saturday; now I'm trying to figure out if I can cook 
our lunch there rather than just taking a pie I made at home or something.  
I was going to take period food made from home rather than getting food from 
the mundane food vendor who will be on site.
Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA
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