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<<It appears to be a sort of beef stew with red wine. I don't have a  
copy of Forme of Curye.

Can someone post the original recipe here, and then we can see how  
different people would redact it?>>
If it's the version I'm thinking of (and there are lots of recipes called 
"Bukenade" out there), then it says to take whatever good meat you have, and 
beef, boil it with onions, and add spices.  Lots of room for redactions 
there :-)
OK, this is a different one, but there is still lots of room, and this one 
is decidedly different than the other one I mentioned:
Bukkenade.  Take hennes other connynges other veel other othere flessh & 
hewe hem to gobettes.  Waische it and sethe hit well.  Grynde almaundes 
unblaunched, and drawe hem up with the broth; cast therinne raysouns of coraunce, 
sugur, powdour gynger, erbes ystewed in grees, oynouns and salt.  If it is 
to thynne, alye it up with flour of ryse, other with othere thyng, and colour 
it with safroun.
Note that I have replaced all thorns with "th" and otherwise kept the 
spellings as they are in my version.
Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA
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