[Sca-cooks] Fall 2009 Winter 2010 Forthcoming Titles

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sat Jul 11 19:00:23 PDT 2009

Some more forthcoming titles


*The Pharaoh's Kitchen: Recipes from Ancient Egypt's Enduring Food 
Traditions* (Jan., $24.95) by Magda Mehdawy and Amr Hussein explains how 
to cook and eat like the ancients. by *AMERICAN UNIV. IN CAIRO PRESS* 
(dist. by IPM)

*Good Old-fashioned Roasts: And Tasty Leftovers* (Jan., $24.95) by Laura 
Mason offers recipes for roasted meat, fowl and game dishes. Laura Mason 
has written extensively
on English foods and is the author of the best book on the history of 
English confectionery. *ANOVA/NATIONAL TRUST* (dist. by Trafalgar 

*Summer Pleasures, Winter Pleasures: A Hudson Valley Cookbook* (Sept., 
$15) by Peter G. Rose reflects the culinary heritage and native bounty 
of New York's Hudson Valley. *STATE UNIV. OF NEW YORK PRESS*  Peter G. 
Rose is the author of a number of items on historical Dutch cookery in 
New York State.

*Baking: 300 Recipes, 1500 Photographs, One Baking Education* (Oct., 
$40) by James Peterson outlines step-by-step instructions for making 
pies, tarts, breads and more.
Ten Speed Press.

and for those that like Alton

*Alton Brown Good Eats: The Early Years* (Oct., $37.50) by Alton Brown. 
The first book in a two-volume set features more than 100 recipes from 
the author's Food Network show.*STEWART, TABORI & CHANG* 

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