[Sca-cooks] red currents

Jane Boyko jboyko at magma.ca
Mon Jul 13 19:45:59 PDT 2009

 From "A Closet for Ladies and Gentlewomen. Or, The Art of Preferving,  
conferving, and Candying. ..."

To make Quodiniaks of Raspice or English Coriants.

Take Rafpices ripe and well coloured, and put them in a dish and put  
them foure spoonfuls rose-water, and mix them together with the backe  
of a spoone : then wring the liquid substance thorow a linnen cloth :  
season it by your mouth with sugar till it bee sweet enough, then  
boile it on a chafing dish of coles in a dish; till it be readie to  
print : then print it in your moulds, and box it, and so to keepe them.

If you have ever made jelly without pectin this would work.  You could  
follow a basic recipe to get the juice out.  I think the addition of  
rose water is very interesting and I want to go find some currents now.


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