[Sca-cooks] Sources for Preserving Recipes

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Jul 14 10:55:29 PDT 2009

There's a handy two volume set on just fruit preserving recipes
that Stuart Peachey has put out.It's primarily original recipes
with some abbreviated hints on how to proceed in a modern kitchen.

*The Book of Preserving Fruit 1580-1660* Preserves, conserves,
marmalades, candies, dry fruit etc 	Stuart Peachey 	
*Volume 1: Apples -Oranges * 	
	76p 	£7.00
*Volume 2: Peaches - Strawberries * 	
	64p 	£7.00


These are sold by Stuart Peachey in the UK, but one can also buy them at
Books for Cooks in London.

In the USA, the main vendor seems to be Sykes Sutlering.
http://www.sykesutler.com/ Write and ask or call and leave a message as 
to if they have copies available and US prices.
They used to be sold at the War by various vendors too.


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