[Sca-cooks] Scappi Bread Pudding Recipe

David Walddon david at vastrepast.com
Wed Jul 22 11:40:22 PDT 2009

Thanks I have looked through those recipes and there are some that come
close (sugar, rosewater, almond milk) but not really what I am looking for.
Interestingly there is one in Robert May that I have made in the past but I
forgot what the title was -

To make an Italian Pudding
Take a fine manchet and cut it in square pieces like dice, then put to it
half a pound of beef-suet minced small, raisins of the sun, cloves, mace,
minced dates, sugar, marrow, rosewater, eggs, and cream, mingle all these
together, put them into a buttered dish in less than an hour it will be
baked and when you serve it, scrape sugar on it.

Might do this. It is yummy!


On 7/22/09 10:04 AM, "Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius"
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> On Jul 22, 2009, at 12:50 PM, David Walddon wrote:
>> So Scappi is a BIG book and I have not found a bread pudding recipe
>> in it.
>> Has anyone else?
>> I have some English Elizabethan recipes but I have some left over
>> bread and
>> would like to make one from Scappi.
>> Eduardo
> There doesn't seem to be your standard English-type baked charlotte-
> type bread/custard pudding, but in Book VI, which contains mostly
> dishes for the sick, there are several pap-like dishes such as
> sweetened breadcrumb mush with almond milk, as well as several recipes
> for stewed fruit served on sops.
> I'm on my way out the door or I'd go into more detail...
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