[Sca-cooks] Articles was Fine Spice Powder for Tarts?

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Jul 28 21:43:00 PDT 2009

Johnnae replied to me with:

Stefan li Rous wrote:
< Uh oh. If you will let me know when you have updated an article of
yours which is in the Florilegium, and send me the updates or point me
to where they can be found, I will see about updating the version in
the Florilegium. >

<<< But Stefan the new one is 52 pages now!!! :-P >>>

I don't have a size limit on articles or files I will accept for the  
Florilegium. I'm even considering hosting some videos of our local  
tournaments which included jousting from horseback, okayed for SCA use  
through efforts of folks in my group several years ago.

For files with a text size of over 100K, about 33 pages, I will  
usually break a file into several sections to ease the downloading.  
But 52 pages by itself is not a concern.

Currently I have some larger files online such as at least one  
Master's thesis, a large Scots-Irish songbook and Mistress Brighid ni  
Chiarain's wonderful   "Libre del Coch" translation. All of which are  
posted in several sections.

<<< It's not quite the half dozen recipes that it was back in 2003. >>>

All the more reason I'd like to make an updated version available.  
While I do have this file:
spice-mixes-msg  (104K)  3/ 1/09  Period spice mixtures. Poudre Forte,  
your article likely has some recipes I don't have and it is, of  
course, much better organized.

I do have several articles available in both a short and a long  
version. Shorter versions for those wanting just an overview and they  
are more likely to get reprinted in SCA newsletters.

<<< What I
have done for the past couple years is use the original spice and herbs
article and extend it into
a special book. Last year it was 32 pages. This year 52 pages. Then I
add illustrations and print the book up into a number of copies (at my
expense) so that Her Royal Majesty of the Midrealm can then distribute
it at her
discretion in those various largess baskets that are handed out at the
Pennsic War.
It's a little something that I can do since of course I can no longer
attend. I have never even had the opportunity to even meet these  
Queens. >>>

Of course, allowing an article to be used in the Florilegium is up to  
the author. If someone wants to print it only in a particular  
publication or use it for a fundraiser or whatever, that is their  
choice. And I stand by that, even if it reduces the number of people  
who get to read their work.

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