[Sca-cooks] silly season

Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Wed Jul 29 13:33:42 PDT 2009

I too have my share of silly  cookbooks:

The Popcorn lover's cook book
is one of my favorits, it includes all things you can do with popcorn or 
better: to popped corn ;-)
from TV dinner snack mixes to popcorn as ingredient for chillies, as topping 
instead of rice or potato mash (it works and stays crispy) to sweet dishes 
(including the popcorn version of the gingerbread house) ; Containing also a 
short history on Popcorn.

Also a gem ist the Pet cook book (in german) which is akin to the roadkill 
cook book but focusing on pets.
With the german texts making fun of various nick names for pets: like 
Dachhase (roof rabbit) for cat, and the fact that in lean times rumor says 
the one or other cat did end up as rabbit in a stew (rumor says also, that 
is the reason why here in Austria whole coneys/rabbits are sold with their 
head still on, so you can see it is no cat).
Or another favorit of the austrian kitchen: Tafelspitz (beef cooked in 
broth, cap of rump probably in english). There also is a dog breed: the 
white german Spitz.

The roadkill cookbook is much more practical that the pet cook book, but 
still quite funny to read.
Both  the pet and raodkill bok where gifts from friends, for someone who 
does have a lot but still not enough cook books.


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