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Perhaps I should have posted BAD MOOD warnings....

I have been in on the planning of several feasts, and have talked to several experienced Cooks. I am even attempting to plan one now, for a yet-to-be-determined Event. The level of pre-planning, even in just the documentary phase, is beginning to take on similarities to a Massive War Plan for just one Major Battle. 
Coming up with the Concept, the?plan and the menu has been fun. Hunting down recipes to fit the concept has been has been fun. Working them out into preliminary redaction, has been very enjoyable.
But, finding the balancing act of making sure there are enough variety in each course for the dietary needs, and making it all fit into a budget that I know will be approved by the Powers That Be-sometimes that balancing act can be...beyond tedious. 
Serving Alcohol? Yes, I would like to serve an ale at one of the courses, and I would like to serve a light mead with the last course. BUT-with dealing not only the SCA regs, but also the State and Federal Laws, that can prove...dicey. I have no problem with funding it out of my pocket, and asking for help from some of the best brewers in the Kingdom...it is that LAW thing....

I guess you could say I am having pre-pre-preevent jitters....

And then there is doing all this work, and the possibility of not being taken seriously....

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> Yet, in all seriousness-this is what we strive for-a Perfectly Period Feast that is Edible and Enjoyable. But, we always run into problems. Between dealing with allergies, area tastes, budget concerns, and the "joys" of serving?a beverage with even a very low alcohol content, I sometimes wonder why don't we all just?throw up our spatulas in frustration, and point everyone to the nearest KFC. >?
> I don't want to start up old, badly beaten dead horses again, but, research benefits aside, how in the world does anyone accomplish anything edible for a large number of folks these days??
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I don't think I understand the question.?
Allergies: advance bookings only, stating food issues. Since I serve a varied menu, I can find a way to accommodate most people without it being WWIII.?
Area tastes: tricky. Southron Gaard are rumored to eat only delicious food. (In general, the best way to deal with picky eaters is to go on serving a good variety of foods and ignore them. We're cooks, not the parents of an indulged four-year-old. They'll either get over it or eat elsewhere.)?
Alcohol: here in NZ, we're delightfully outside the US SCA alcohol policy, so there's not actually anything stopping us from laying on drinks within local laws. Having said that, BYO works for most people.?
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