[Sca-cooks] newbee cook attempting feast for the first timeindecember

Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Fri Jun 5 16:46:26 PDT 2009

chawkswrth at aol.com wrote:
> Coming up with the Concept, the?plan and the menu has been fun. Hunting down recipes to fit the concept has been has been fun. Working them out into preliminary redaction, has been very enjoyable.
> But, finding the balancing act of making sure there are enough variety in each course for the dietary needs, and making it all fit into a budget that I know will be approved by the Powers That Be-sometimes that balancing act can be...beyond tedious. 

OK, that's a bit backwards to the way I'm used to working.  I usually 
know the budget up front, before I start any food planning.  Then I work 
out sources, recipes and menus.  A lot of the dietary stuff falls into 
place if you just go for reasonable variety and plenty of vegetables-- 
you can always make some adjustments once you know exactly what issues 
you'll have to deal with.

> Serving Alcohol? Yes, I would like to serve an ale at one of the courses, and I would like to serve a light mead with the last course. BUT-with dealing not only the SCA regs, but also the State and Federal Laws, that can prove...dicey. I have no problem with funding it out of my pocket, and asking for help from some of the best brewers in the Kingdom...it is that LAW thing....
Can't help you there, I'm afraid

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