[Sca-cooks] Brighid's Trotters in Nola or Suey Chop Chop?

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 17:27:45 PDT 2009

Kihe Blackeagle wrote:

> snip. . .  I was still raised to think of pig's trotters as including the hooves, ankle ("knuckles"), and some portion of the leg above, but not usually rising to the level of the knee. Pickled pig's feet as I have seen them sold modernly generally do not include the hoof itself, just the ankle and fleshy parts just above and just below -- but may also be labelled "pickled pig's knuckles" in that case. 
Thank you so much. That is very interesting. Now when translating from 
Spanish to English when should I use trotters and when knuckles?

Adamantius wrote

> In the case of pigs, the trotter is usually the hind foot (the front  
> feet in English are sometimes referred to in 17th, 18th and 19th  
> century recipes as petitoes, and are regarded as more delicate and, I  
> suspect, cut off shorter).
> In the US they are generally sold with the horny hoof material removed  
> (possibly blanched or scalded), but with the toes otherwise intact. In  
> generic "non-ethnic" supermarkets (not that Ward and June Cleaver are  
> buying too many pigs' feet in any case), they tend to be cut off  
> pretty short, with most or all of the hock or shank sold separately.  
I have never seen 'petitoes' but then I die in 1474 - so of course I 
have not seen them! The mother of my slaughter man flips off the toe 
nails after scalding them but they are separated from what I call 
'manos' - I think but then trying to define, I think the slaughter man 
separates the feet from the knuckles which of course makes me believe I 
do not know what I am talking about =-O !

What is definition of Brighid's of Nola's:18. POTTAGE OF SHEEP'S 
TROTTERS?" Are we talking knuckles or the feet and toes included without 
hooves and in my case I think we do include the hock and as little as 
possible of the shank? But now that you try to make me think I just 
remember that hatchet and the muscles on the arm of the slaughter man 
=-O ! He is so powerful!! He can make Suey Chop Chop any day :-! !!!

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