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Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 9 09:46:45 PDT 2009

> I would add to that (from my own sometimes less-than-stellar 
> experience) that no matter how new, sharp, clean and cold your grinder 
> is, and how cold your fat pork is, it is better to chop it with a 
> knife if possible, rather than grinding it. 


> Adamantius


Good point. One thing I did when I displayed Zervelat at Kingdom A&S

was show two versions of the sausage. For one I used a modern

grinder and sausage stuffer and the other I chopped by hand, using

period knives and stuffed with a stuffing funnel.


There wasn't a lot of difference between the two but I wanted to show

what hand minced was like compared to grinding. I also wanted to present

a sausage as close to period as possible.


One of the most amusing comments given to me was, "Yeah, we liked

the homemade ones a lot better than the storebought."

Um...they were both homemade. Just one done by machine and one by




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