[Sca-cooks] Recipe from Rupert de Nola?

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You have my undying gratitude!!


(trying to finish her ArtSci paper)

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On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 10:06 PM, Jim and Andi<jimandandi at cox.net>
> If anyone has a copy of Libre del Coch laying about, could you email
> the recipe named "Alidem"?

Do you want the original Catalan, the Castillian Spanish, or the
English translation of the Spanish?
I can provide the first and third; as I am on vacation right now, I
cannot oblige with the second.

Potatge de alidem de ous
     Una cassola pendras q<ue> sie neta e metras hi cebes e joliuert e
menta e moradux ab sal e ab oli tot mesclat ab aygua: e met ho tot a
coure e quant sie cuyt pica vn poch de aaq<ue>lles herbes q<ue> sie<n>
cuytes enla olla o cassola ensemps ab vna poca de aq<ue>lla ceba: e
apres qua<n>t sien picades deste<m>pra les ab lo brou mateix: e
qua<n>t sie deste<m>prat met ho a bullir ab vna olla neta: e ap<re>s
pren los rouells dells ous e debat los fort ab agresta: o vinagre
blanch e met hi e<n>la olla de totes salses fines e çaffra molt mes
q<ue> me<n>ys: e qua<n>t haura vn poch bullit leuar ho has del foch e
lexau vn poch reposar: o refredar: e ap<re>s met hi los ous apoch
apoch e apres tornar ho has al foch: e qua<n>t haura bullit vn altre
poch leuar ho has del foch: e mena sempre be de vn modo a may reposar
me<n>tre bull: e fes escudelles.

English (my translation):
Take a casserole that is very clean, and cast into it onions, and
parsley, and mint, and marjoram, which is called moraduj in the
kingdoms of Aragon, with salt and oil, all mixed with water, and set
it all to cook; and when it is cooked, grind these a little of these
herbs, that have cooked in the pot or casserole, with a little of that
same onion.  And when they are ground, blend them with the same broth;
and when they are blended, set them to cook in a clean pot.  And then
take egg yolks, and beat them very well with verjuice or white
vinegar; and cast into the pot all fine spices, and ground saffron,
more rather than less; and when it has cooked a little, remove it from
the fire. And leave it a little while to rest or cool; and then cast
in the eggs little by little; then return it to the fire; and when it
has cooked a little while longer, remove it from the fire and stir it
well constantly and in such a manner that never ceases while it boils.
 And then dish it out.

Brighid ni Chiarain
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