[Sca-cooks] Ruperto de Nola - POTAJE DE ALIDEME O HUEUOS.

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> I am specifically looking for octopus recipes in de Nola.
> Madhavi

Ask and ye shall receive.



Octopus is a very hard fish, and because of this it is flogged and
beaten a great deal; and then wash it well, and put it in a pot to
cook  with an onion, and a little oil; and do not cast in salt because
this fish by itself is salty enough, nor water either, because by
itself it makes enough water.  And this water becomes like a reddish
broth; and if you want to cast in a few spices it will be better, and
seal the pot well so that no manner of vapor comes out of it; and
remove the intestine that it has in its head; and when you set it to
cook, put in a little water.

And eat this fish with parsley sauce.

And similarly this fish is eaten after being well-beaten and flogged,
cut to pieces, and roasted on a spit, repeatedly greased with garlic
and oil; and then [served] with your orange juice, and water, and
salt, and oil, etc.

It is also eaten in dishes, made into a pottage, cut into small pieces
and gently fried with your onion, and oil, and honey, and spices, and
your sourness from vinegar, and a crustless piece of bread and your
almonds ground with the bread, and blended with your broth, and
strained, and cooked in your pot; and then prepare dishes, etc.

And the Catalan:
De polp
     Capitol q<ue> tracta en quina manera se d<e>u aparellar lo polp.
Primerament bat lo fort: per q<ue> aquest peix es molt dur e perço vol
esser molt batut: e apres pren lo polp e re<n>tal: e ap<re>s vaja
di<n>s la olla a coure ab vna ceba e ab vn poch d<e> oli: e guarda que
noy metes sal per que aquest peix es d<e> natura ja prou salat: ni
aygua tan poch perque ell mateix ne fara prou e aq<ue>lla aygua
tornara com vn brou roig: e si hi vols metre vnes poq<ue>s de especies
no faras mal: empero tapa la olla molt be q<ue> non hisca lo fum: e
axi se aparella lo polp: empero leua li vn budel que te al cap e com
lo metras a coure e met hi vna poca de aygua. E menges aq<ue>st negoci
ab salsa verda: e es fet.

Brighid ni Chiarain

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