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Brighid ni Chiarain commented:
On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 7:05 PM, Jennifer Couch<okwldflwr at gmail.com>  
Well, Im just starting period cooking, so I am just
working on recipes.

You already been given a good list of resources.  A few are not
available in English.  Do you read Spanish?

One that I didn't see mentioned is the Manual de Mujeres, a 15/16th
century household manual.  Much of it is cosmetic/medicinal recipes,
but there's some food recipes, too.  The Spanish is here:
and an English translation is here:

There are also a few of these translated with some redactions (ie:  
modern recipes) given in this file in the Florilegium PERSONAL CARE  

Man-d-Mujeres-art (12K)  4/19/01    Selected redactions from the  
"Manual de
                                        Mujeres" by Lady Serian.

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