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<< Bear wrote:
If you are up to reading Spanish, there is a translation of selections  
from the Fedalat al-Jiwan at this location:  http://www.elsgnoms.com/receptes/arabigo.html
For the record it is Fadalat not Fedalat. I translated that in March
2008 into English. Stefan said he was going to post it but I cannot  
find it.
Suey >>

In the Florilegium FOOD-MANUSCRIPTS section:
Fadalat-art       (58K)  8/15/08    "Culinary Abundance With Recipes  
                                        Medieval Variations".  
                                        by Susan Lord-Williams.

I didn't mention this file in my listing of Spanish recipes in the  
Florilegium because I didn't remember whether it was 16th Century or  

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