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Antonia asked for Spanish recipes and then clarified with:

<<< I apologize for being so vague.  I am 16th century Spanish persona  
and am
looking at that time frame of cooking utensils, spices, and so on.   
for the help! >>>

I'm afraid that most of what I have in the Florilegium is classified  
more by food item or type or by culture and not by time period.

However, here are a few suggestions.

In the FOOD-BY-REGION section:
fd-Spain-msg     (176K)  1/29/08    Food of medieval Spain. Cookbooks.

Some New World foods started to show up in Spain and Italy during the  
16th Century. There was a close connection between parts of Italy and  
Spain during this time, so this file may be of use:
NW-Fds-Italy-art  (62K) 10/15/06   "A time for change: new world foods  
in old
                                       world menus", by Mistress  
Helewyse de

In the FOOD-BOOKS section there is this file. I can't remember how  
many are from Spain:
16thC-cookbk-bib  (11K)  3/ 2/00    A bibliography of 16th C. cookbooks.

Again, since many of the New World foods were showing up in Spain  
during the 16th Century, some of the recipes for these foods show up  
in my files on those specific food items such as:

chocolate-msg    (130K)  2/29/08    History and description of early  
3-Span-Sweets-art (13K)  4/26/01    Three Spanish sweet dishes from de  
Nola by
   (Sorry, I can't remember the time for these, but probably worth a  

In the the FOOD-VEGETABLES section:
16C-Tomato-art    (16K)  9/ 5/02    "Sixteenth Century Italian and  
                                        Tomato References" by Johnnae  
llyn Lewis,
                                        Helewyse de Birkestad, and  
Brighid ni
peppers-msg       (60K)  4/18/08  The introduction of peppers to Europe.
potatoes-msg     (142K)  5/15/08  Period white and sweet potato use.  
tomato-hist-art   (18K)  2/ 1/99  "You say tomato I say Xitomatl" by  
                                      Xaviar the Eccentric.
Tomatoes-art      (22K) 10/15/06  "Love, Death or Mere Curiosity? The  
                                      in Renaissance Europe" by  
Mistress Renata
                                      Kestryl of Highwynds
tomatoes-msg      (34K)  1/17/05  Tomatoes in period.

In the FOOD-BREAD-GRAINS section:
maize-msg         (64K)  1/10/08    Discovery of maize (Indian corn)  
in the
                                        Americas and its introduction  
to Europe.

Another approach that a lot of people find useful. Plug "Spain" and  
maybe "16th" and "recipe" into the search engine available on the top  
page of the Florilegium.

I hope this helps.

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