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Having been an Eagle Scout and done quite a bit of dutch oven cooking, I 
don't recall ever having used an official dutch oven or seen the cookbook. 
My most memorable experience along these lines was preparing a birthday 
dinner (mine) of pit cooked ham and corn on the cob (in aluminum foil) and 
using the coals on top of the ham to bake rolls and a two-layer chocolate 
cake to the absolute amazement  of the rest of the Troop (see, the Senior 
Patrol Leader does know things you don't).  I had them help me get rid of 
the left-overs so I didn't have to pack it out.  The priceless expressions 
were worth the pain of packing a dutch oven ten miles.


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Okay.. I know I'm weird.. but I once dated an eagle scout.. and heard enough
stories about the wonderful things to cook using a dutch oven. In that vain,
I found the Boy Scouts dutch oven and their recipe book for sale.
Bon Appétit


On 6/17/09, Deborah Hammons <mistressaldyth at gmail.com> wrote:
> Master Thorfin in Unser Hafen is a dutch oven cook.  At Glory he is going
> to
> try his hand at bread in one.
> Aldyth
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