[Sca-cooks] Dutch Oven Cooking - OOP

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Wed Jun 17 14:50:11 PDT 2009

While one can bake the bread on the floor of the oven, I have found that 
using a small cooling rack with a pie tin on it for baking produces an air 
gap and more even heating of the dough.  If Master Thorfin chooses to bake 
directly on the floor of the oven, may I suggest a layer of coarse meal 
(cornmeal works well) on the oven floor before putting the loaf in the oven. 
It reduces sticking and will likely reduce scorching the bottom of the loaf. 
I use the scattered meal technique for most of my bread baking and would 
even use it in the pie tin described above to reduce sticking.

On a nice bed of coals with coals on the lid, the baking time should be 
about the same as in a standard oven.


> Master Thorfin in Unser Hafen is a dutch oven cook.  At Glory he is going 
> to
> try his hand at bread in one.
> Aldyth

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