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I always put what I'm baking in a dish or tin anyway, because those are easier to clean than the oven.  And the baking time ought to be faster than a modern oven (although not dramatically so) because the temperature is more constant.  Also, he may want to get a piece of tile or slate to put under the oven, since that will hold the heat better than plain old dirt.

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> While one can bake the bread on the floor of the oven, I have found that 
> using a small cooling rack with a pie tin on it for baking produces an air 
> gap and more even heating of the dough.  If Master Thorfin chooses to bake 
> directly on the floor of the oven, may I suggest a layer of coarse meal 
> (cornmeal works well) on the oven floor before putting the loaf in the oven. 
> It reduces sticking and will likely reduce scorching the bottom of the loaf. 
> I use the scattered meal technique for most of my bread baking and would 
> even use it in the pie tin described above to reduce sticking.
> On a nice bed of coals with coals on the lid, the baking time should be 
> about the same as in a standard oven.
> Bear
> > Master Thorfin in Unser Hafen is a dutch oven cook.  At Glory he is going 
> > to
> > try his hand at bread in one.
> > Aldyth
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