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Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 15:00:11 PDT 2009

Emilio wrote:
> It _is_ online! I have read large parts of it today. Congratulations!
> I also appreciate the initial portrait of de la Granja. Thanks much!
Thank you  la Granja seems to have been a wonderful professor.
> You also mention the collaboration with Huici Miranda. Whereas he, Huici-Mirnanda, published both the Arabic text in one of the specialized journals and a translation, the full work of de la Granja seems to be extant only in the one copy of the Universidate de Madrid. Am I right?
There is no hyphen between Huici and Miranda and there is only one "n" 
in Miranda. Huici is the father's last name and Miranda is the mother's 
as per Spanish tradition.
Huici lived in Barcelona and actually came to Madrid to exchange notes 
with la Granja as they were translating their works at the same time. 
Huici he translated, from Arabic into Spanish, "Cocina hispano-magrebi 
durante la epoca almohade: segun un manuscrito anonimo del siglo XIII" 
which is the same thing Perry translated into English. My copy of 
Huici's translation is only in Spanish published by the City Hall of 
Valencia in 1966. I could not find it in Madrid but got it at Yale. 
Obviously the Arabic still around as Perry and others have read it but I 
don't know where it could be.
The Universidad de Madrid is now the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 
Yes, they are said to have a copy of  la Granja's entire thesis. At one 
point I got gun shy about copywrites if I translated the whole thing as 
I cannot get any leads as to who la Granja's heirs could be. He had no 
children. I could even find his wife's last names who probably has 
passed away as well.

Stefan thanks for telling us where the short version of Fadalat is. It 
is believed to have been written between 1238 and 1243, i.e. between the 
conquest of Valencia by Jaime I and that of Ferdinand III of Murcia.

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