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Wed Jun 17 16:03:58 PDT 2009

Suey, i appreciate your work translating la Granja's translations of recipes from the Fadalat from Spanish into English.

I have one rather big problem with your translation. Throughout you have used the English word "lard". No Muslim would cook with lard, which is pig fat. I really wish you would replace "lard" with "sheep tail fat", which was the common Muslim animal fat. That would more accurately represent what was meant, which "lard" absolutely does not. I keep fearing that someone will enter dishes into SCA competitions using your translation and they will use pig fat, and will be mislead into believing that Andalusian Muslims used lard.

Again, thanks for your translation work.

The original Arabic was published in "La Cuisine andalou-marocaine au XIIIe siecle" by Muhammad B. A. Benchekroun. For some scanned pages, see:
I've been translating some of the recipes into English, but the scans are hard to read, very blurry, obscuring some of the letters, and i wonder if there's a way to get some better scans.

BTW, for readers of the message in general, in Engish the original author's name is transliterated Tujibi, in Spanish as Tugibi, in order to get the sound of the Arabic letter "jeem".

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)

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