[Sca-cooks] newbee planning feast in winter, blog

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Thu Jun 18 13:18:40 PDT 2009

Good to know.  My grandfather's chickens slowed, but didn't usually stop 
laying in winter (Central Ohio), but that is a vague memory and my most 
recent experiences are with factory farms that fake sunlight.

Elisande is in the Shire of Drei Eichen which is West Central Germany, 
specifically the Ko:ln-Aachen region of North Rhine Westphalia.  From 
reading the blog, it looks as if the feast is a generic late winter feast 
that uses what's left in the larder.  Whether there were eggs would probably 
be contingent on just how bad the winter had been.


> Re: egg production...
> Here in the PacNW its common for hens to slow or even stop during the
> winter. This is tied to daylight hours. In the winter our days are pretty
> short!
> Depending on WHERE you're trying to re-create (italy? Vs scandahoovia?) it
> makes perfect sense that eggs would be much less common in the winter than
> in other seasons...
> Or so it is in our neck of the woods (literally :))
> --Anne-Marie
> Chickens would nest in the hay and provide eggs for the winter.  It is my
> understanding that egg production slows in winter, but doesn't stop unless
> the hens experience significant hardship.
> Bearr

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