[Sca-cooks] salt cod

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sat Jun 20 04:45:14 PDT 2009

"Salt cod" is used both in the specific and as a generic term for salt 
preserved fish, usually related to the cod.  Ling, haddock, pollack and 
whiting are general terms for a number of species related to the cod and 
when dried and salt packed would fall under the term salt cod.


> is saltcod the same as Stockfish (HARD dried Fish) or Klippfisch (Hard 
> salted dried fish). fish generic as I do not know what fish is usually 
> salted in what part of the known Lands (it could be cod, ling, haddock or 
> pollack)
> Bacalao is and was a a nice dish made in venice and also is still made in 
> Portugal and Spain (Bacalhau). I real love it and it would make a good 
> winter dish too.
> Here in austria, thanks to the Asien, African  and Middleeastern 
> foodshops, it is possible to get salted fish in greater numbers. I have 
> not checked prices yet.
> and the spanish/italien cookbooks out there (as well as the florilegium) 
> should have some recipes you can use.
> Regards
> Katharina

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