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Depending on your budget, you might try grilling fish.  I did it some years
back with a tuna loin that I purchased from our local fish monger.  We used
the tuna recipe from de Nola as follows:

*Libro de Cozina of Master Ruperto de Nola*, translated by Vincent F. Cuenca

Grilled Tuna

Take a piece of tuna from the part near the belly and clean it; and baste it
with oil, and brush also the grill and set it to roast over a few coals; and
baste them from time to time with oil and then prepare its light sauce with
water and salt and oil, and bitter orange juice and pepper and all the good
herbs torn up or chopped fine:  and when they wish to eat place our fish on
the plate and pour the sauce over it; and if you wish to make another sauce,
like for arugula or another it should be as you wish.

10 # Tuna

Olive Oil


Bitter orange juice (thin oj with white wine vinegar or use one of the Goya
bitter orange marinades)


Tarragon, chopped fine

Cilantro, chopped fine

Brush tuna steaks with olive oil, then grill, basting from time to time with


Mix oil, water, salt, orange juice, white wine vinegar, pepper, tarragon and
cilantro.  Serve on the side with tuna steaks.

This was very successful and unbelievably easy!  You might be able to use a
different fish but be careful that it's solid enough to take grilling.
Folks at the feast who usually do NOT eat fish didn't even realize it was
fish!  Not that I'm into masking flavors or anything...I think it was just
that it was a presentation they'd never seen before and didn't associate it
with fish.


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> <<The end of last month I cooked an entire feast on 5 propane grills, a
> couple
> with side burners. All the recipes that I redacted were inspired from
> Spanish sources.
> If anyone is interested I could share the menu.>>
> Hey, folks.
> I don't mind at all if you want to start a conversation about cooking
> feasts on grills.  I've helped with it, over wood fires in the rain even,
> and
> it's a fun job.
> But please start your own thread and don't hijack my camp cooking challenge
> one.  I really do need some suggestions about meals that can be done either
> on the wood fire outside (we have a grill, tripod/spit, dutch ovens, and
> sauce and fry pans available for use outside) or on the camp stove inside
> in
> essentially the same form,  or alternate dishes with essentially the same
> ingredients that could be done indoors if cooking on the fire is prohibited
> by
> rain.
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