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Mon Jun 22 18:37:30 PDT 2009

The final menu was:

Lunch Menu
Chicken with Sauces

Herb Omelet

Leek, Onion & Mushroom Pottage with Millet

Bread & Butter


Feast Menu

Appetizers on Table

·         Pasties of Fine Sugar

·         Chickpeas with Herbs & Flat Bread

·         Olives & Pickles

·         Hard-boiled eggs with Parsley Sauce

Bread & Butter

Salmon with Orange Herb Sauce

Saffron Rice

Grilled Beef with Garlic Cheese


Roasted Chicken

Onion Pottage


·         Angel’s Food

·         Fresh Berries

Most of the food was cooked on site using propane grills, and a couple of
small propane stoves that convert to a grill. The type of equipment I could
use at Pennsic. The other were recipes that I could either easily assemble
from ingredients I can get at one of the local grocery stores and just
serve. All the meats were cooked on the propane grills.  I did have access
to some electricity for electric roasters, but the dishes that were cooked
in those could have easily been cooked in a pot on a propane stove.

I cooked for 150 for lunch (although the plan was just to feed 100, more
people showed up than expected... and luckily the food was enough to feed
150). I cooked for 72 for feast.

This was a complete field kitchen, with everything that was needed brought
from people's homes to make it possible. I planned the menu knowing this in
advance and choose the recipes in order for the meats to be cooked on a
charcoal or propane grill. I did have to make some last minute substitutes
because I was unable to get certain ingredients, like the tuna, in the
quantity I needed. There was a bit of a learning curve to this in some of
the cooking, but overall the feast seemed well received and there was
little in the way of leftovers.

The recipes will have to be posted when I return from my trip to DC at the
end of the week.

On Mon, 22 Jun 2009 00:56:09 -0400, Sharon Palmer <ranvaig at columbus.rr.com>
>>The end of last month I cooked an entire feast on 5 propane grills, a
>>with side burners. All the recipes that I redacted were inspired from
>>Spanish sources.
>>If anyone is interested I could share the menu.
> Of course we want the menu!  Please!  How many people did you cook for?
> I'm starting to research a lunch next fall from Spanish sources. 
> I'll probably do most of the food ahead of time, since the kitchen 
> will be tied up with evening feast.  But a grill is a possibility.
> Ranvaig
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