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<<Yeah, that does make a difference.  In that case, you might try what I've
done in the past when we were land agents for our group.  I would ask folks
in our group to store the frozen/refrigerated fish until they come
up...which would give it a few more days in the freezer/refrigerator.>>
Everyone in our group arrives on the first weekend, and they will be 
bringing frozen meat with them.   But the longest that will last is Wednesday of 
the first week.
at Pennsic, I use one of those 5-day coolers and place a large white heavy
towel on top...for whatever reason, this seems to hold the cool in the
cooler even longer.>>
We don't own a five day cooler at the moment.  We do cover the coolers with 
fabric and keep them in the shade, and we keep all the meat in one cooler 
so we are only opening it twice a day, to put ice in and to take out what we 
want to cook, rather than opening it frequently for other foodstuffs.  But I 
don't even store meat in my home fridge for more than 3-4 days at most, and 
that's cooked meat; fresh meat is used or frozen within 24-36 hours, 
usually much more quickly.

<<I have a friend who makes arrangements with Giant Eagle for lamb to be
picked up when they need it (they do specify a date).  They actually do a
whole lamb but you could get a leg or something...there are several period
lamb stews that are delicious.  I'm running a little late right now, but
when I return from my trip (on Friday) I'll send you some if you'd like.>>
Please.  We all like lamb, but haven't done it before in camp, I don't 
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