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<<I was going to suggest what Kiri did - that you ask some of your camp 
to bring the next round of food that you are wanting to cook.>>
Except that everybody comes in the first weekend.  They bring frozen food 
with them, but we don't have anybody arriving later than that to bring more 
in, say, on the second weekend.  On occasion we've even resorted to having 
someone from another camp bring some in later, but I don't think we even have 
that option this year.

<<If you need someone to butcher a chicken and you've got a good sharp knife
and no willing volunteers come and find me at E23 and I'll be happy to
help.  Look for the Regnesfolke device -- blue background with a white
viking ship with 4 water drops or the Myrkfaelinn device -- candle (white
and yellow) surrounded by a green laurel wreath on a black background.
We're between Vlad's and Wolf's Den.>>
Thanks for the offer.  It's a long walk, though; if we get our same spot 
this year (no guarantees, last year was our first year as a new camping group) 
we're on NO7, north of Calontir.  If I can find Jayme, one of our 
campmates, I think he knows how, but he's got a lead in the Known World Players this 
year, so we're not sure how much he's going to be in camp.
Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA
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